Orbigraph Support

Orbigraph Features

  • Easy to control the 360° view
    Animate by oribiting mouse anywhere on the subject. No need to click or drag. (See OrbiSense).
  • Click to play voice or sound
    Sound can be embedded or read from an external file.
  • Transparent backgrounds
    Motion backgrounds can be displayed when Orbigraph built with transparency.
  • Customize look and feel with 19 parameters
    Set parameters the easy way with our Configurator.
  • Installs in HTML and Flash web pages
    Orbigraphs are built as a single SWF file. So installation is simple.
  • Add to Banner Ads
    Just point to a single SWF url.
  • Stand-alone Orbigraphs.
    Each package includes Orbigraphs that run on your computer without the need of a web browser. (Windows only)

Orbigraph Possibilities

  • Children. Preserve a moment in time of your child and their voice.
  • Identification. An aid in recovering missing children.
  • Weddings. Record a 360° view of your wedding dress.
  • Before and After. Display the results of weight loss, makeover, or cosmetic procedure.
  • Sports. Pose in athletic gear. Show off each new belt level in Karate.
  • E-Commerce. A great way to display your items for sale.