Internet storage for your Orbigraphs. Free access for all Orbigraph Creator users.

Benefits of OrbiShare

  • Easily publish from within Orbigraph Creator by simply clicking a button.
  • Publish all 3 Orbigraph sizes and view them in an OrbiShare Summary.
  • Hi-speed access from a dedicated server.
  • Easily link to thumbnails and Orbigraphs for E-Commerce and Community sites.
  • Show Orbigraphs in Share Pages by sending web links instead of distributing large files.
  • View your own Orbigraph while using the Configurator.

OrbiShare with ACTIVATED program

  • Four FREE entries.
  • Entries are cleared after 6 months of non-access.

OrbiShare with TRIAL VERSION program

  • One FREE entry.
  • Entry is cleared after 7 days.
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