WordPress Plugin

Orbigraph Embed
Place the following tag within your post to display an Orbigraph:
[orbigraph: url  width  height  custom]
  • url - The URL of an Orbigraph to embed.
  • width - Width of Orbigraph.
  • height - Height of Orbigraph.
  • custom - Customization commands (optional).
Here's a working example:
[orbigraph: http://orbishare.com/320.larry.swf 320 270]

Customizing an Orbigraph with the Configurator is easy. Here's the tag that was automatically built to display an Orbigraph with a border and spin it once at startup:
[orbigraph: http://orbishare.com/320.larry.swf 320 270 {auto}1{/auto}{border}1{/border}]
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 2010-7-14
Requires WordPress Version: 2.1
   or higher
Compatible up to: 3.0
Requires Orbigraphs built with
Orbigraph Creator: 1.100707
   or higher